Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok

MBK Center or also known as Ma Boon Khrong is the most popular shopping mall in Bangkok located in the Siam Square area. It is very popular shopping mall among local and tourist. And I think it is one of must visit shopping places in Bangkok.

Why I think MBK Center is one of must visit shopping places in Bangkok is because MBK Center provide almost everything from fashion, electronics, mobile phones, foods and much more. But you have to take a note that there are not only the original goods in MBK Center but many imitation goods as well. So, you have to be careful in choosing.

With the very cozy air-conditioned environment, everyone can go shopping comfortably. MBK Center also has a good price for the items. The price is just like the markets, it has negotiable price. So, everyone can haggle the price down before deciding to pay the items.

For Muslim travelers, MBK Center provides halal food and also prayer room. You can find halal food outlets or halal restaurant at the fifth floor. It has Thai, Indonesian and also Middle Eastern food. Many choices for your reference. And at the six floor near parking area, you can find separate prayer room for man and woman. It’s clean, simple and tidy prayer room with  some prayer equipment inside. It has prayer mat, veil/scarves, prayer timetable and washing facility.

Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok
Prayer room’s signpost at MBK Center sixth floor

When i was at MBK Center last time, on April 2015 i found a food bazaar kinda in front of MBK Center. It has many kind of food and drinks. And i found some of the vendors has halal label. So, this is a good news for dear hijab travelers.

Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok
Food bazaar kinda in front of MBK Center Bangkok
Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok
One of halal food from food bazaar

MBK Center also provide free bag deposit for all travelers who have a lot of bags to carry around. Everyone still can going out exploring the city and keep their bags here. It was once i keep my bag here on my Thai trip October 2014. That time i was going to go to Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery. And i think it’s better to keep my heavy bag here than have to carry it around.

Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok
Free Bag Deposit at MBK Center Bangkok

The Bag Deposit is located at the sixth floor zone B near the praying room. It’s open daily from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Terms and Conditions

1. Do not leave any valuables in your luggage.

2. Daily service from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

3. Please pick up your belonging before 10 p.m. otherwise it will be sent to marketing department.

4. Ticket lost will be fined THB 100.


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