5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai

For me as Indonesian, eating Thai food for the first time is little bit shocking. Yep, most of the foods taste sour, spicy and I am not sure how to describe the taste of ‘pak chi’(for the first time it taste and smell so weird for me) . I can deal with spicy because it is my favorite. But the things I can not stand for the first time is the sour, the taste and the weird smell of ‘pak chi’. My tongue is not so familiar with that.

But, as predicted right after two days I can eat almost all kinds of Thai foods. I have no problem with the sour and ‘pak chi’ taste anymore. Yep, I just need two days to train my tongue to tolerate that kind of taste. It is because actually I am an easy person to eat. And no doubt, Thai food is definitely very delicious. Since then, I think I turn to be one of Thai foods lovers. Indeed!

When I was living in Hat Yai, I eat Thai foods almost everyday. There is no day without Thai foods. Although sometimes my friends and I cook Indonesian food on weekend, but we always combine it with some Thai snacks we bought from market. It is like we are addicted to Thai foods already.

And here we go!

During my two years living in Hat Yai, these are my 5 most favorite Thai foods. And I am sure these are everyone’s favorite as well.

  1. Tom yam

    5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai
    Tom yam kung

Is the most popular thai soup cooked with shrimp (tom yam kung), chicken (tom yam kai), seafood (tom yam talay) or beef (to yam neu-a). It has spicy and sour as the main taste.

  1. Som tam

    5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai
    Som tam poo khem

Is also known as papaya pok pok or green papaya salad made from green papaya as the main ingredient. It tastes very fresh with the combination of salty, spicy and sour taste. And the topping is made by request. You can choose the original one which is usually topped with dried small shrimp or you can choose another topping such as salted crab (som tam poo khem) or salted egg (som tam khai khem).

  1. Soup neu-a

    5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai
    Soup neu-a

Is a clear thai beef soup. It is different from tom yam. It is actually not too flavorful but fresh. And the most amazing part of this soup is the clear broth with the meaty beef. It tastes wonderful.

  1. Luk chin

    5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai
    Luk chin

I am not really sure what the meaning of luk chin is. But as what I understand, luk chin is some kind of thai sausages and meatballs. There are a lot of kinds of luk chin around Thailand. And I think it is the most popular thai street snack all over this country.

  1. Khao tom

    5 Most Favorite Thai Foods in Hat Yai
    Khao tom kai (credit; @indraaizen)

I think this food is not so popular because this food is usually served for breakfast. Khao tom is thai rice porridge with some topping on it. Usually it is using chicken with the additional egg. And this food is definitely delicious. I almost have it everyday from the school’s canteen for my breakfast.

So, what about you guys?? are you with me?