Asean Market Hat yai

Asean Market Hat yai
Asean Market Hat yai

Asean market is the largest night market in Hat Yai. It’s also one of the top 5 shopping places in Hat Yai city.

Asean market has a lot of vendors. They sell clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, souvenirs, second hand clothes and items, a lot of local products and many kind of halal foods, snacks and drinks. I think everything sold in this market is like everything sold in Greenway shopping. But this market is much bigger than Greenway shopping.

And speaking about the price, you do not need to worry about it. Because in my opinion, everything here is relatively cheap. You still can bargain with the vendors to get the price down as well.

1. A lot of stalls

Asean market has a lot of stalls. It is many kind of stall from fashion, foods, drinks and so on. And one of my favorite is food stalls. It has many kind of delicious Thai foods,snacks and fruits. It provides you a lot of choices.

Are you a kind of foodie people?? If your answer is “yes”, then i think it is a good place for you to try many kinds of Thai foods, snacks and fruits. For me as a foodie, this place is just like food paradise. Hahahaaa

Food stalls


Thai snacks
Thai snacks
Fresh fruits
Fresh fruits

2. Prayer room

The most important facility for Muslim travelers. But the last time i have been there, the prayer room is still under contraction. But now i think it is fix already.

3. Waiting area

It is like a rest area for people after walking around the market. Asean market is very big. So, i think you have to rest for a moment before getting tired.

Clothes stalls, waiting area
Waiting area right in front of clothing stalls

4. Parking area

Parking area is provided for motorcycles and cars. There are not only one, but i think it has some parking area around the market.

Clothes stalls, parking area
Parking area right in front of clothing stalls


Chotwittayakul 4 Rd, Hat Yai Thailand 90110

To get to Asean Market is very easy. You can get to this place by songteaw or tuk tuk. If you are from Central Festival or Greenway shopping, you can get to this place walking. It is only about five minutes.

Operation days and hours

Tuesday – Sunday

05:00 PM – 09.30 PM