Easy Guide to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Bangkok)


Damnoen saduak floating market is the most famous floating market in Thailand. You can see the picture of the floating market in almost every Thailand’s post cards. The location is in Ratchaburi Province, 100 km southwest of Bangkok. It’s about two hours drive from this capital city (without traffic jam).

Is it your first time visiting Damnoen Saduak floating market?? Don’t worry!! You can easily do-it-yourself trip to this well-known floating market. Once I visit the floating market, it’s my very first time and I just rely on some blogs discuss about how to get to the floating market from Bangkok. And Alhamdulillah I am finally success getting to the floating market without being scammed.

Are you ready to visit Damnoen Saduak floating market? Let’s check this easy guide out.

1. Going to the minivan terminal at victory monument. There are many minivans with different destination. Make sure you ask to the driver or tout the minivan to Damnoen saduak floating market. And they will direct you to the right ticket vendor.

minivan ticket vendor

I recommend you to come to the minivan terminal in the morning to catch the first minivan leaving to the floating market. Because I think it’s better arriving to the floating market before the crowds of some tours. For your information, the minivan leaves every hour.

You can also ask to the ticket window the minivan from the floating market to Bangkok. It’s better to have their number. If not, you can ask it from the driver. And when you want to get back, just call the number and the minivan will pick you up.

The price of the ticket is 100 baht per person per April 1, 2015.

2. Tell the driver to really drop you in the floating market.


Some driver will actually drop you in the pier about 1 km before the floating market. Note it, it is not the floating market. And some scams will say that no transportation to get to the floating market. And they will offer to take you to the floating market by paddle boat. No! It is just scam. You have to ignore it. Just tell the driver to drop you in the floating market.

3. When you see this sign, congratulation! You are already in Damnoen Saduak floating market.

Damnoen Saduak

4. When you want to getting back to Bangkok, just call the minivan. And the minivan will pick you up.

You just have to wait the minivan in this place.


It’s very easy, right? You can easily do-it-yourself trip to Damnoen Saduak floating market without being scammed. Happy backpacking!!