Easy Guide to Maeklong Railway Market (Bangkok)

Are you planning to visit Maeklong Railway market (Bangkok)?? It’s better to check the Maeklong railway timetable first. I recommend you to catch the first train, just in case if you miss the first one you still have the second or the last train.IMG_20150428_090837

The schedule of the train is can be delayed anytime. And the warning is just a few hours before. So, coming to the market in the morning is better.

Drive from Bangkok to this market is about two hours by minivan. And you can find the minivan terminal under the expressway at victory monument. The ticket window of the minivans going to Maeklong railway market is same with the ticket window of the minivans going to Damnoen Saduak floating Market.

Ready getting to Maeklong railway market??

1. Catch the bus or BTS going to victory monument.

Victory Monument Bangkok

2. Buy the ticket from the minivan ticket window at victory monument. It’s under the expressway. There are many minivans at victory monument. Make sure to ask the driver or tout the minivan going to Maeklong railway market. The price of the ticket is 70 baht each person per March 31, 2015.

Minivan ticket to Maeklong railway market
Minivan ticket to Maeklong railway market

3. Before the driver drop you off in the market, don’t forget to ask him the ticket window of the minivan going back to Bangkok. So that if you finish visiting the market and want to back to Bangkok, it’s easy for you to find the minivan.

The ticket window is actually near from you are dropped.

The spot you are dropped off
The spot you are dropped off

From this spot, just turn your body left and go straight for about 100 meters and you will pass this sign.

Minivan ticket window signpost
Ticket window signpost

And here you are at the minivan ticket window.


4. Check again the railway timetable in Maeklong station before exploring the market.

IMG_20150501_084656Then you can search the great spot to take photos.


That is the easiest way to get to Maeklong railway market based on my opinion (I believe you will agree with me). I hope this is worthwhile. Enjoy…

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