Greenway Shopping Hat Yai

Greenway shopping

Greenway Shopping is one of my favorites shopping area in Hat Yai city. It’s one of the top 5 shopping places in Hat Yai. It’s located right next to Magic Eye 3D Museum. It’s exactly in Kanjanavanich Rd Hat Yai Songkhla Thailand 90110. It’s also walking distance from Asean Market and Central Festival. To get to this area is by tuk tuk or songteaw. But I recommend you to take songteaw to this area because it’s cheaper. It will cost you 10 baht only.

Greenway is one of a great place in Hat Yai city for you to spend time shopping and sightseeing with friend or family. You can also try thai culinary here. There is a foodcourt near the prayer room inside the shopping area.

As one of favorite shopping place in Hat Yai, Greenway Shopping is always crowded. And just like some other night market in Hat Yai, Greenway shopping is also equipped by some sections and facilities;

1. Prayer room

The prayer room in Greenway Shopping is quite small and the rooms are separated between man and woman. It has some prayer equipment inside such as prayer mat, veil/scarves and washing facility.

Heading to the praying room
Heading to the praying room

2. Parking area

The parking area is located around the shopping area near the entrance and also the exit gate.

Parking area
Parking area

3. Waiting area

Waiting area or rest area for visitor.

Waiting area
Waiting area

4. Food court

Food court at Greenway Shopping provide many kind of Thai food and snacks.  Some of the stalls are also provide halal food.

5. Pet shop kinda

It has rabbit, cat, marmot, snake and so on.

6. Secondhand items, a large number of clothing and accessories area.

Based on my opinion, the price in Greenway Shopping is relatively cheap. You can also bargain with the vendors. Hahaaaaa it’s like challenge for me to get the price down.

Operation days and hours

Tuesday – Sunday

05:00 PM – 10:30 PM

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