Halal Food in Maeklong Railway Market (Bangkok)

Two hours drive from Bangkok and don’t have your breakfast?? Don’t worry… you can easily find cook shop for halal food near the market. The location is right before bus terminal beside the minivan ticket window.

Halal cook shop in Maeklong railway market
Halal cook shop in Maeklong railway market

If you confuse about the location, just ask the driver of the minivan about where the minivan window in this market before he drop you. He will tell you the location with pleasure. It’s actually near from the spot where you are dropped. And the cook shop is right before or next to the ticket window. When you ask people there about halal food, they will also direct you to this place. Because there is just one cook shop with halal lebel in this area as I know.


There are some menus in this cook shop. And for me, this cook shop is recommended. The cook shop is clean. The prices of the food are relatively cheap. The owner is friendly. And the cook shop has very strategic location.

This is very big portion of mine and my travel mate. It’s only 95 baht each person for this very fresh and delicious food. There are rice, tom yam kung(kung is shrimp) and Thai spicy basil shrimp. One of the best lunch in Bangkok.


Do you have recommendation for other halal food in this Maeklong railway market?? don’t hesitate to drop a comment below… Have a nice day!