Jawa Mosque Bangkok


Narrow street heading to Jawa Mosque

Jawa Mosque is a mosque in Bangkok Thailand built by Thai people of Javanese descent. One of them is Ahmad Dahlan’s grandchild.

For your information, Ahmad Dahlan is one of Indonesian religious leader from Yogyakarta. He played a role in the development of Islam in Indonesia. He is also known as Indonesian national hero.

Like the most mosques in Jawa, Jawa Mosque also has “bedug”. It’s a kind of drum basically used as a sign for prayer. It’s also used during Islamic festival such as “takbiran” and so on.

Bedug inside Jawa Mosque
Bedug inside Jawa Mosque

As Indonesian and also Javanese people, i feel so happy when I have a chance to visit this place. It feels like I was in my hometown. Hope to be here again soon. Amiin

Last time i visit Jawa Mosque was on Iedil Fitri day 2014. At night before Iedil Fitri many people come to this mosque paying zakat fitrah. And some of them (from children to adult), they worked together to clean the mosque. And i was very happy to join them cleaning the mosque and did takbir together. It was such a wonderful moment.

Next day right on Iedil Fitri Jawa Mosque was full of Muslim people. We all did prayer Iedil Fitri together. And after prayer, we have a breakfast together in the mosque. It was one of the traditions in Jawa Mosque. Having a meal together after prayer and then visit cemetery.

Right in front of Jawa Mosque is Islamic cemetery. This place looks clean and maintained.

Islamic cemetery in front of Jawa Mosque

It was my second time visiting Jawa Mosque. And i always hope to visit this mosque again. Because it feels like this is my second-home in Thailand.

Address: 707 Rangnamkaeng, Sathontai Road, Yannawa, Bangkok Thailand

Getting there: BTS Surrasak exit 4, from here you need to walk about 15 minutes to the mosque. Or you can ask motorcycle guy to take you to the mosque. It will cost you about 20 baht.

For more story about my Iedil Fitri in Jawa Mosque, I will definitely  write it on my next post. See you there!