Luggage Storage Service at KL Sentral

KL Sentral is the largest transit hub in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I think it is the most efficient way for your transit in the city, regardless of where you are heading to or you are from.  Luggage Storage Service at KL Sentral

As the largest transit hub in the city, KL Sentral has a lot of facilities. And one of the facilities is luggage storage service. And for this kind of facility actually you have plenty of options. There are at least two luggage storage services and also one self service coin locker.

1. Matang luggage

Located at level 2 opposite of KTM Intercity ticket counter

2. Madam’s keeper

Located at level 1 opposite of Mc Donals

3. Dr. Locker

Located at level 1 behind the stairways/escalator going to level 2 and also at level 2 near the Air Asia office

Dr. Locker is self service locker. So, you have to do everything yourself. First, you have to get token from the token machine. It will cost you 5 RM/token. If you want to use the 15 RM locker, so you need three tokens. How to operate the locker is all written on the locker’s door. But if you still need a help, there is a man wearing Dr. Locker uniform who is always ready to help you.

How to operate Dr. Locker;

1. Put your luggage into the locker

2. Insert your coins and close the door

3. Turn the key into the left and then pull it out

Token machine
Token machine


It’s also written on the locker’s door that is no over night storage. But since i didn’t read the notice, i left my luggage there for three days and you know what? there is no more charge for it. I don’t know is it an error or what. Actually until now i still curious about that. Because someone said to me that the overnight storage will get more charge. But in reality it didn’t happen. Anyone experienced this?

Speaking about the locker, there are actually three different kinds of lockers. It is based on the size. It is 10 RM for the smaller one, 15 RM for the medium and 20 RM for the biggest.

The smallest and medium size locker
The smallest and medium size locker
The biggest size locker
The biggest size locker

I used this service once and the medium one is my choice. It’s enough for my big suitcase which is 60 x 40 x 30 cm and medium backpack.

I was satisfied with this self service locker.  It was safe, easy and has the reasonable price.

Do you have experience using luggage storage service at KL Sentral? Please feel free to share with us on comment column bellow.

Thank you and have a very nice day.