Maeklong Railway (Bangkok) Timetable


If you really want to visit Maeklong railway market to see the train pass through the market, then don’t forget to check the railway timetable. This timetable written below is the newest update per April 1, 2015.

For your information, the railway passes the market three times per day. And the schedule of the railway is can also be delayed anytime. So, I recommend you to catch the first train, just in case if you miss the first one then you still can catch the second or the last railway.


  • 09:45 AM (09:45)
  • 01:45 PM (13:45)
  • 06:22 PM (18:22)

Based on my visit to the maeklong market on April 1, 2015 I miss the first railway. Then I wait there for about three hours to catch the second railway. But, unfortunately the schedule of the second railway was delayed, and then I have to wait again for about one hour to see the second railway pass.

I think it was priceless experience of mine. My entire trip to this maeklong railway market was amazing. I love the circumstance there. And you know what?? … The prices in this market are relatively cheap. And what I love the most from this market is because the market is not too commercialized.

This maeklong railway market is one of must visit place in Thailand (based on my personal opinion, but I’m sure you will agree with me). Don’t miss this place if you visit Bangkok. Let’s start our hijab trip…