Mosque in Little India Singapore

1. Abdul Gafoor Mosque


Gazetted as a monument on 5 July 1979.

This mosque was built in 1907 by Shaik Abdul Gaffoor Bin Shaik Hyder on the site of an earlier mosque. It was completed in 1910.

Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Visiting Abdul Gafoor Mosque is actually unplanned. My first plan is going to Little India just want to have lunch and then going to Bugis to visit Masjid Sultan(Sultan Mosque). But because the prayer time is almost over, so i decided to go to the nearest Mosque instead(it was Abdul Gafoor Mosque) to do prayer and then skip Masjid Sultan from my list.

Abdul Gafoor mosque is one of Mosques in Little India. It is a beautiful mosque which has an artistic design and beautiful colors combination. I like the detail of the mosque. It is totally cool. For me, Abdul Gafoor Mosque has to be on your list.

To get to this mosque is not difficut. It is quite near from Little India Arcade about 5 minutes distance walking. Turn your GPS on to make it easier. Or you can also ask people to direct you to get to this mosque.

Contact information

Address         : 41 Dunlop Street, Singapore

Tel                  : 6293 3875 / 6295 4209

Email             :

2. Angullia Mosque


Records show that in 1890, the land on wich this mosque stands was conveyed to Mohammed Salleh Eussoof Angullia, a Gujerati Sunni Muslim trader from Rander, north of Bombay (now known as Mumbai), and that the mosque was constructed before 1898. However, it is also believed that a mosque belonging to the Bombay Muslim community, akin to the Gujerati Sunni Muslims, existed here before the Angullias arrived.

In 1850, Eussoof came to Singapore to help extend his familiy’s trading network, which would eventually cover Southeast Asia, Mauritius and South Africa. Armed with goods and spices, Eussoof quiqkly became a prominent figure in the North Indian community and remained so until his death in 1904. The Angullia family continues to be the trustee of Angullia Mosque.

Angullia Mosque
Angullia Mosque

To get to Angullia Mosque is very easy. It is located in the main road and very close to the famous 24 hours shopping mall named Mustafa Centre.

Contact information

Address          : 265 Serangoon Road, Singapore

Tel                   : 6295 1478

Email              :