Mosque near Wat Arun Bangkok



This is the old mosque founded in Ayutthaya period during the reign of king narai the great in 1688 by Chao Phraya Ratchawangsanseni (Mahmud). The first name was called Kudi Yai, an abreviation of Kudi Bangkok Yai. It was originally a teak house raised on a platform and roofed with terra cotta tiles. The form of the architecture similar to the hall in Buddhist monastery. Muslim devouts in Bangkok Yai area renovated it and changed the old structure to brick building in the reign of King Rama II. In 1952, the new building was transformed into a reinforced concrete building since the former architecture was too old to rebuild. The twin pine tree (ton son) was planted in front of the gate of mosque’s wall. And the name was officially changed to Ton Son Mosque.

Inside the mosque is the beautiful pulpit called mimbun, where the religious pratices were given, having large pictures of Arabic calligraphy, picture of Kaaba and plan of mosque in Mecca, all the evident found in King Taksin the great’s period.

Ton Son Mosque

Getting to Ton Son Mosque is the best after almost a day of exploring Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. It’s time to clean our body, doing a prayer and rest for a moment.

The location of this mosque is perfect, because it is near from the famous Wat Arun. It can be reached by foot. So, for hijab travelers, no more excuses for skip your prayer.

Getting to Ton Son Mosque

The location of Ton Son Mosque is near Wat Arun, on the north bank of Chao Phraya river. It’s just about 8 minutes walking. To get to this mosque is easy. Once you get to Wat Arun, you just need to go straight towards Thanon Arun Amarin, turn left and follow the street (see the picture below). Or you can ask the motorcycle guy in this alley to take you to Ton Son Mosque. It costs you about 30 baht.


447 Wang Doem Rd, Wat Arun, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok Thailand