Pagoda Sapta Ratna; Perfect Place to Catch a Beautiful Sunset in Sorong

Pagoda Sapta Ratna
Pagoda Sapta Ratna viewed from behind

Pagoda Sapta Ratna is a beautiful Chinese Buddhist Pagoda in Sorong West Papua stands on hill. Besides its beautiful artistic building, Pagoda Sapta Ratna is a perfect place for people to catch fabulous view of a beautiful sunset. Arrive here at around 5 in the afternoon, walking around the area, sight seeing, and find the best spot to catch the sunset and of course take great pictures.

Pagoda Sapta Ratna
Great view from the temple

This pagoda has seven storeys. And if you are lucky, you can get in and also climb up to the top floor of the pagoda. When I was there few days ago, I could not do that because the pagoda was locked. But well, from the temple behind the pagoda I still can enjoy the great view of the ocean, the city and also the colorful beautiful sunset.

Pagoda Sapta Ratna
Colorful beautiful sunset viewed from the temple

Alright, Pagoda Sapta Ratna is the only pagoda in Sorong, located in the city right next to RRI area. The location is really close to the main road so that it is very easy to get by public transportation. From the main road you just need about four minutes walking up to the pagoda area.

For me, pagoda area is one of the beautiful landmarks in Sorong. It has a temple located behind it with a big drum and Buddha statue at the front and also Chinese pagoda lantern hanged on the ceiling of the building. It is so beautiful.

If you plan to visit this pagoda, I recommend you to get here on a bright sunny day. Because I am not sure you can catch the great sunset if you get here on cloudy or rainy day.

Pagoda Sapta Ratna opens everyday from morning until about 7 in the afternoon. The admission fee is 10.000 rupiah (0, 7 dollars).

The nearest mosque

The nearest mosque from Pagoda Sapta Ratna is Al- Jihad mosque. It is located at the main road across the pagoda area. It is about seven minutes walking from the pagoda.

There is also Al- Akbar mosque located not quite far from this pagoda. I think from the pagoda it is about seven minutes by motorcycle.

Al- Akbar Mosque Sorong
Al- Akbar Mosque Sorong

Halal Food

To get halal food in this area is not difficult at all. There are a lot of halal foods around the city. Almost every food stalls here are halal. So, don’t worry about this thing.