Recommended Muslim Hotel in Bangkok

One of few muslim hotels in Bangkok is Songthai Hotel. It’s the muslim hotel that I’d like to recommend to anyone.

Songthai Hotel
Songthai Hotel

Songthai hotel is the hotel I’ve stayed in for few times on my trip in Bangkok. I stayed here with some friends of mine. And all of us agree that staying in this hotel was a good choice. We like the design of the hotel. The décor is very classic. And of course we enjoy staying here.

Songthai hotel has reasonable price for a deluxe room. The rooms are neat and clean, good wifi signal, comfortable double sized bed, private bathroom, hot showers, TV, fridge, mineral water,  air conditioner, enough storage space. Everything you need. Shortly, the room was very comfortable in every way.

double sized bed, A/C
double sized bed, A/C
TV, fridge, towels
Private bathroom
Private bathroom

There is also hot water provided in the corner of reception room for everyone to make their own drinks.


Songthai hotel has a great location. It’s close enough to Jawa Mosque. I’s not located on a big street so that is not noisy, makes it a place to have a very good rest with a great location in the middle of Bangkok.

Staying in this hotel, you don’t have to worry about halal food. There are a lot of halal stalls near this area. There is also 7 11 five minutes distance by walking. And also the owner of this hotel is friendly and very helpful. Really happy with this choice.

Tel                   : 023078483

Mobile             : 0828202025

Address           : 145 soi. Charoenrat1 Yannawa Sathorn Bangkok 10120

Getting here    : BTS Surrasak exit 4. From here you need to walk about 10 to 15 minutes to the hotel. If it’s hard for you to find it, I recommend you to come to Jawa Mosque first, and ask people there the location of this hotel. It’s not far from this mosque.

Photo credit by Songthai Hotel, except private bathroom. It was taken by me.