Sunday Walking Market Chiang Mai

Sunday Walking Market Chiang Mai
Sunday Walking Market Chiang Mai

Wanna visit Chiang Mai?? Not to be missed during your visit to this beautiful city is Sunday Walking Market. It’s the best place for shopping. You can find some local products here. There are some amazing artworks, handmade crafts, souvenirs and so on. And i think it’s better for you to come to the market early before it’s getting very crowded.


In my opinion, Sunday walking market is the most crowded market in Chiang Mai. The market opens every Sunday from about 04:00 PM till midnight. And it’s start from Tha Pae gate to Ratchadamnoen Road and some side street near there. While the shop is open, Ratchadamnoen Road and some side street are close to traffic.



Walking around the market is totally exhausting. But it’s also exciting. You know what?? It’s because there are some musician, singer performing along the street. Hahahaaaa and don’t worry, snacks, drinks, fruits are sold in this area. Although I didn’t find halal food court here but it’s ok. I still can eat some fruits and boiled corn.

By the way talking about shopping, I like this Sunday walking market so much. The products from this market are unique and the important thing is the prices are relatively cheap.


This one is from the market. I think it’ unique. My name is written on rice. Actually the rice has two sides. And you can request different name for the other side. So, for this one i decided to write my name and my travel mate’s name in one side and one another.

Souvenir from Sunday Walking Market

In this market, bargaining is a must. Hahahhaa the price is actually 80 baht, but I haggled it down to 70 baht.

Have the same experience?? Feel free to write your story in the comment column below. Thank you and have a very nice day.