The Best Tuk tuk Driver in Hat Yai

Hat Yai is one of the largest cities in Southern Thailand located near Malaysia border. It’s a popular city among tourist, especially Malaysians, Singaporeans and also Indonesians. Besides have some attractions, shopping, culinary to be offered, this city is also very easy to reach by land. So I think this city is really worth to visit.

When you are visiting Hat Yai and want to get around the city, I would like to recommend you to ride on tuk tuk during your trip. Especially for you who has a short time visit in this city. Because I think tuk tuk is the most ideal transport for your short trip. It’s very efficient and also you will have a lot of fun. For me, tuk tuk is one of the best choices.The Best Tuk tuk Driver in Hat Yai

Mr. Boon or we always called him Phie Boon is one of tuk tuk drivers in Hat Yai. I think he is the best tuk tuk driver in the city. Almost my entire Indonesian friend living in Hat Yai knows him. We always hired him to take us to some places in Hat Yai or even to pick us up from somewhere in the city.

With Phie Boon and my bestie in front of Songkhla Central Mosque
With Phie Boon and my bestie in front of Songkhla Central Mosque

What makes Phie Boon the best are:

1. Great English

His English is very good. There will be no language barriers. So, you don’t need to worry. He also even became a lecturer at a university.

2. On time

He is always on time. He is never late to pick his passengers up.

3. Responsible

He always takes care of his passengers. Safety first is his slogan. He is very care about his passengers safety and security.

4. Friendly and helpful

He is a nice person. He is also helpful. He can help you to plan or give some suggestion for your itinerary. He knows the areas around the city very well.

5. Low fare

When we compare the fare to the other tuk tuk, Phie Boon’s tuk tuk is cheaper. After two years living in Hat Yai, Phie Boon is still the best.

6.Comfortable tuk tuk


Phone: 0864833533

It is the one of his contact. He don’t have email or facebook. If you want to hire him, I recommend you to book the day before or at least a few hours before. Just in case he is not available if you call him right away.