The Essential Packing List for Hijab Traveler

For some people (my travel mate is probably not the exception), packing is stressful. They are not sure about deciding what to take with them. They keep changing their packing items before they are really leaving on a trip.

But for me, it’s really fun and challenges. I never found it stressful. I just need to prepare everything i plan to take few days before my trip. And always make sure that everything essential are not missing from the list.

The Essential Packing List for Hijab Traveler

Shortly, packing is not that stressful. As long as you take the entire essential packing list with you, I think everything is going to be ok. And still, always check the weather and condition of your destination before starting your trip so that you can decide what kind of clothes that needs to be taken with you.

The first very important items for a trip are a backpack and small day pack. I think those both are the most important items before everything. And actually I always keep my small day pack close-by at all times. Because everything I need all the time on my trip is there. I can leave my backpack in the hotel, but not for my small day pack.

Essential packing list for the small day pack

1. Praying veil

I prefer to bring the lightweight one. It’s easy to carry around and does not require much space.

2. Passport, international driver’s license and ticket

You can put it together in one book bank. I think it will be more organized.

3. Travel guide book, note book and pen

4. Camera

5. Smart phone(with all the important application such as GPS, kiblah compass, map and etcetera)

I actually prefer carrying my smart phone in my trouser pocket. I think it’s efficient and easy.

6. Sun block

To keep your skin safe from harmful sun rays.

7. Deodorant

To prevent body odor.

8. Medications (for me, cajuput oil and analgesic gel is a must)

Essential packing list for the backpack

1. Sarong

It can be a blanket, towel, skirt and also sajadah. It’s multifunction.

2. Hijab

I always prefer to bring comfortable hijabs with the neutral color

3. Hijab pins

I like to put my hijab pins at the backpack straps. It’s safe and easy.

4. Two or three pair of socks

You can also make one of the socks an item to put your hijab inside. To make it organized and keep it tidy.

5. International adapter

Not every country has the same adapter so that you have to prepare for it.

6. Chargers for camera and smart phone

7. Toiletries (a small bottle of body soap and shampoo, toothpaste and also toothbrush)

You better to pack this set in a separate zip lock to make it easier to find.

8. A pair of Flip flops

10. Clothes and underwear

You need to pack everything with minimal crumples to refuse too much space consumption.

Is there something missing from this list? If so please feel free to let me know and don’t hesitate to share your packing story with us on the comment column below. Thank you for visiting and have a great day!