Tips: Looking For Halal Food in Thailand

Looking for halal food during traveling is one the challenging experience for hijab traveler. Especially for them who are traveling to Muslim minority places. One of the examples here is Thailand.

Thailand has always been a Buddhist country. Most of Thai people are Buddhist. Muslim is just about 4% and it was centered in Southern Thailand. So, we need more efforts to get halal food in this country.

From my experience living in Thailand, i finally got some tips for dear hijab travelers who are visiting Thailand and have a problem of getting halal food.  From now on you don’t need to worry because i would like to share some easy tips to get halal food in Thailand.

Here we go!

1. Mosque

Where there is a mosque, the is halal food. Almost around all mosque in Thailand there always be a halal restaurant. If you don’t find it, don’t hesitate to ask takmir or people in the mosque. They will more than happy to help you to find it.

Looking For Halal Food in Thailand
Our happy face getting foods from takmir in a mosque Chiang Mai

2. Restaurant or food stall with halal label(cresent moon and star logo or halal logo written in arabic)

Besides halal logo written in arabic, cresent moon and star logo is also can be identified as a symbol for halal restaurant or halal food in Thailand.

Looking For Halal Food in Thailand
One of halal restaurants in Hat Yai
Looking For Halal Food in Thailand
Spring roll with halal label in Damnoen Saduak floating market

3. Food vendors with hijab

If you don’t find halal restaurant or halal food with halal logo written in arabic or cresent moon and star logo, you just need to find food vendor with hijab. It’s just to make sure that the food are halal because the vendor are Muslim. The point is just to make sure that the food you are going to buy is halal. That’s it.

Looking For Halal Food in Thailand
Street snacks in Chiang Mai

4. Minimarket(seven eleven or lotus)

There are so many seven eleven and lotus around Thailand. It was my experience. When i feel so tired and lazy to go find halal restaurant, i just stopped at minimarket to get some snacks or instant noodles to eat. They have some of it with halal label.

Looking For Halal Food in Thailand
Seven Eleven in Hat Yai

5. Thailand Muslim Friendly application

A special application for Muslim travelers in Thailand. Make sure to download this app before leaving for your Thailand trip. It’s very helpful because this app will help you to find mosque and halal food around you.

Do you have an experience looking for halal food in Thailand? or some tips for us to find it? please share your story with us on Hijab Trip’s facebook, instagram, twitter or google+. Thank you for reading and have a great day!