Raja Ampat on a Budget; Part 1

Raja Ampat is a fantastic trip destination located in West Papua, the eastern island of Indonesia. It is one of the top 10 dive sites in Indonesia and i think it has to be one of the best in the world.

Raja Ampat actually has all the reasons for people to visit and explore. Its whole scenery and underwater life are fabulous. The protected rare birds living in this Island is also no joke. It is very impressive.

Most people believe that visit Raja Ampat is expensive and impossible for budget travelers. Most of them discourage their visit to this beautiful island just because of this reason. I am agree that visit Raja Ampat is expensive, but for me everything is possible. So, here i really want to realize that visit Raja Ampat on a budget is totally possible for budget travelers.

Let’s see!

It was my first trip to Raja Ampat(on a budget of course hahaaa) and it was just the beginning. I started my trip from Sorong(where actually my home is) with my sisters. We just need to get to ferry harbour, about 30 minutes from home by motorcycle. We bought the economy seat ticket for IDR 130.000(USD 13.00). And it takes us about two hours to finally arrived in Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat.

Sorong, ferry harbour
Sorong, ferry harbour
On our way to Waisai the capital city of Raja Ampat
On our way to Waisai the capital city of Raja Ampat

And here we are!

Welcome to Raja Ampat!!

Marine Monument Raja Ampat
Marine Monument Raja Ampat
View from Marine Monument Raja Ampat
View from Marine Monument Raja Ampat

My very first trip to Raja Ampat i spend on exploring Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat. And our first destination is the great Mosque Raja Ampat. It is located in the city only about five to ten minutes walking distance to WTC beach.

Great Mosque Raja Ampat
Great Mosque Raja Ampat

Near from the Great Mosque, we can easily find halal food. There are a lot of halal cook shop around Waisai.

I really fell in love with this beautiful city for the first sight. With a lot of beautiful beaches and some rare birds living around the city, i can say that Waisai as the capital city has its own charm. And next time, i really have to explore not only Waisai but all the parts of Raja Ampat for sure.


One of the most beautiful beaches in Waisai
One of the most beautiful beaches in Waisai

Here are some basic information for you who want to visit Raja Ampat part 1. First, you need to get to Sorong as it is a gateway to Raja Ampat. You can fly or getting there by ship. But i think it is better to fly if you need to get there faster.

Next, Buy Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit(PIN). You can buy it at Tourist Information Center in Sorong(right opposite the airport) or at the Waisai Port Office. It costs IDR 500.000 for local tourist and IDR 1.000.000 for international tourist.

Tourist Information Center:

Tel: +628114852033

Email: info.blud.uptdr4@gmail.com

Do not forget to check the public ferry timetable. The schedule below are update per 2014, but i already corfirm it to the information center before i write it today and it is still valid per November 10, 2015.

Public ferry, MARINA EXPRESS from Sorong to Waisai

Reservation: 0951-323535

Economy seat: IDR 130.000, VIP seat: IDR 220.000

Daily(Sunday to Saturday):

Depart: 14:00

Arrive: 16:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Depart: 09:00

Arrive: 11:00

Source: Tourism Directory 2014 by Andy Naa

For now, i think that’s all few basic information you need to know before getting to Raja Ampat. This post is my trip to Raja Ampat part 1(exploring Waisai)and still counting.

I hope you enjoy this post. Happy traveling and stay tuned for our next part!